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JXCT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015.  It is a well-known sensor brand in China.  Our company mainly provides sensor equipment and solutions in four fields: atmospheric environment monitoring, agricultural parameter monitoring, industrial gas detection and water quality monitoring.  Is a research and development, production, sales as one of the full line of Internet of things products supplier.  

Gas Detector

We have variety of portable gas detectors, fixed gas analyzers and gas sensors for different kinds of gas

Soil Sensor

Our soil sensor can accurately and quickly monitor soil temperature and humidity, PH value and soil nutrients.

Water Quality

Water quality probe can monitor various ions, dissolved oxygen, ec and other parameters. Easy to carry and operate

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What Our Customers Say

Very easy to use products, monitoring toxic gas very sensitive, no longer need to worry about gas safety.
Jennifer Lewis
Soil sensors allow me to improve the soil quality of my orchard, and my fruit tree yield has increased!
Alicia Heart
Water quality sensor is very convenient, only need to replace the probe can be set up different parameters, very practical!
Juan Carlos

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