Water level transmitter – Water level sensor 0-30m range +30m line


Water level transmitter adopts imported high-precision diffused silicon sensitive element, stainless steel shell, all welded seal structure…

Product Introduction:

Water level transmitter adopts imported high-precision diffused silicon sensitive element, stainless steel shell, all welded seal structure, high measurement accuracy, high reliability. It is an excellent solution for level monitoring for indoor and outdoor applications. It is mainly composed of imported load cell sensor, measuring circuit and process connector. It can convert the pressure signal parameter sensed by the load cell into the standard level signal. When the sensor is put into a certain depth of the measured liquid, the pressure of the measured medium is introduced into the positive pressure chamber of the sensor, and the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid surface is connected with the negative pressure chamber of the sensor through the cable airway, so as to offset the Po on the front of the sensor, so that the sensor can measure the pressure. By measuring the pressure, the depth of the liquid level can be obtained. This product adopts imported diffused silicon pressure detection sensor, stable signal, high precision. Anti-interference, small temperature drift, high stability, with high measurement accuracy, is the ideal level measurement instrument in the field of industrial automation.

* Models:JXBS-3001-Level

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


1. reverse polarity protection and instantaneous overcurrent overvoltage protection meet the EMI protection requirements.
2. temperature automatic compensation, temperature automatic correction.
3. use high-quality air-conducting cable, which can be soaked in water all year round.
4. overload and anti-jamming ability, economic and practical stability.
5. the core automatic correction algorithm can effectively prevent the numerical fluctuation caused by water surface fluctuation.
6. slope liquid guide hole can effectively prevent silt impurities from entering, but also prevent impact.


Communication method: 4-20mA
Power supply: 9-24V power supply
Measurement principle: pressure
Material: 304 stainless steel
Installation mode: Input type
Suitable place: deep well/reservoir/pool/tank
Accuracy: Level 0.5 (default)/ Level 0.3 / Level 0.1
Medium temperature: 0-70℃

Water Level Transmitter Attention:

1. When installing, place the sensors in order according to the length of the sensor installation, and pay special attention to the correct orientation of the sensors.

2. When the connection length of the sensor is greater than 4 meters, install it step by step on site as much as possible;

3. When there are no auxiliary measures, it is not recommended to install after the overall cascade to prevent damage to the sensor during transportation and movement.


1.What are the types of water level sensor?

It is divided into two categories: one is contact type, including single flange differential pressure liquid level sensor, float liquid level sensor, magnetic liquid level sensor, input liquid level sensor, electric inner float liquid level sensor, electric float liquid level sensor, electronic water level gauge, magnetostrictive liquid level sensor, servo liquid level sensor, etc. The second category is non-contact, divided into the ultrasonic liquid level sensor, radar liquid level sensor, and so on.

2.What is a water level sensor?
A level sensor (water level sensor) is a pressure sensor that measures the level of water. And the measured pressure is converted into electrical output.

3.What are the benefits of water level sensors?
1. Simple structure: no moving components and elastic components, high reliability, no regular maintenance during use. Easy to operate.
2. Easy installation: When in use, first connect one end of the wire correctly, and then put the other end of the water level probe into the solution under test.
3, range optional: can measure the water level in the range of 1-200 meters, can also be customized other range.
4, wide application range: suitable for high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion, high pollution and other media level measurement. Build an electronic water level gauge on the bank of the river, which can be used for tidal level monitoring.
5, wide range of measuring medium: from water, oil to high viscosity paste can be high-precision measurement, wide range of temperature compensation is not affected by the measured medium bubbling, deposition, electrical characteristics.
6. Long service life: general liquid level sensor can be used for 4-5 years in normal environment, and 2-3 years in harsh environment.
7, powerful function: can be directly connected to the digital display table real-time display values, can also be connected to a variety of controllers, set the upper and lower limits, control the volume of water in the container.
8, accurate measurement: built-in high-quality sensor, high sensitivity, fast response speed, accurately reflect the flow or static level of subtle changes, high measurement accuracy.
9. Various types: liquid level sensor has input type, straight rod type, flange type, thread type, induction type, screw type, float type and other structural design. It can meet the measurement needs of different places.


Water Level Transmitter  Introduction Manual


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