Drop-in liquid level gauge-liquid level sensor


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Drop-in level gauge, Drop-in liquid level sensor, liquid level transmitter and water level meter adopt imported silicon wafer diffusion silicon core and stainless steel full seal welding structure design, with good moisture-proof performance and strong medium compatibility, which can be used in many industrial occasions with weak corrosive medium, and can be immersed in water for a long time.


(1) Anti-interference and good stability to ensure correct signal transmission
Rectangular circuit board design can be used for regular wiring and installation of circuit components on the circuit board. The limited space can be effectively used for heat dissipation, and the stability, anti-interference and service life of circuit components can be guaranteed.
(2) 45° inclined plane pressure hole
The 45° cut surface design effectively reduces the abrasion of the shell by impurities at the bottom of the liquid, and allows the pressure at the bottom of the liquid to smoothly enter the pressure hole. Punching-resistant design pressure hole, diameter 3MM, anti-clogging, four-hole multi-directional sensing pressure.
(3) 304 stainless steel shell
As a widely used steel, 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties; it has good hot workability such as stamping and bending, and is corrosion resistant in the atmosphere.
(4) Multiple transmission methods
Support 4-20mA (default), RS485 (optional), NB-IOT can be customized according to needs
(5) Laser marking
Powerful manufacturers all use laser marking, which can imprint the sensor information on the surface of the shell for a long time without falling off.
(6) Waterproof PVC lead
This sensor uses high polymer PVC waterproof lead. The material is thick, wear-resistant, aging-resistant, and has a long life.

Use and connect:

Drop-in level gauge is widely used in waterworks, sewage treatment plants, urban water supply, high-rise pools, wells, mines, industrial pools, water tanks, oil pools, hydrogeology, reservoirs, rivers, oceans and other places.


Air guide hole design
(1)Do not immerse the air guide holes and shielding parts in water. Outdoor installation can be made into a semi-circular air guide hole vertically downwards.
(2)Do not use tape to plug this hole when the signal line is extended by the air guide hole. If the hole is blocked, the water level will rise or fall. The meter value will not change with the change of the water level.

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