Online Residual Chlorine Ion Detector-Water quality monitoring



Residual Chlorine Analyzers are one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments.Residual Chlorine Analyzers can continuously monitor data through the transmission output and connect the recorder to realize remote monitoring and recording. Residual Chlorine Analyzers can also be connected to the RS485 interface through the MODBUS-RTU protocol for easy connection Enter the computer to realize monitoring and recording.


(1)High-sensitivity electrode, high temperature and high pressure resistance, the probe uses high-performance Residual Chlorine electrode, high temperature and high pressure resistance, strong adaptability, long life, simple maintenance.
(2)Large 2.4-inch LCD screen, the value is clear at a glance, and the value is displayed in real-time high-definition.
(3)High precision and stable signal, allowing you to obtain every data at any time.
(4)There is a password to prevent data leakage.
(5)Multiple adaptation fields, one machine with multiple configurations, intelligent adaptation.
(6)Intelligent temperature compensation design, intelligent temperature compensation, one-key adjustable, suitable for a variety of measurement occasions.

Product details:

(1)High-density protection grade shell, which is firm and resistant to ageing, dust and corrosion.
(2)Fully sealed control buttons are seamless, dustproof, waterproof, and comfortable to touch.
(3)Imported circuit components, strictly control product quality.
(4)The wiring posts at the rear of the machine are neatly arranged, so that the wiring is no longer messy.


Residual Chlorines are widely used in continuous monitoring of DO and temperature in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizers, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, food and tap water.


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