JXCT water quality monitoring system benefits

Water quality monitoring system has just got even smarter with JXCT’s latest innovation, the exclusive smart multi-parameter, street-level telemetry bollard.

JXCT’s trusted IoT technology has been redeveloped into a new street-level smart water quality monitoring solution. We offer a new approach to provide ultra-low power, multi-parameter, real-time monitoring to create more optimized, smarter networks.

This innovative approach to smart sensor technology is installed at existing measurement points. Water quality monitoring system uses the most advanced digital water quality sensor and control system. We use safe, reliable, flame retardant and destruction-resistant telemetry bollards. Users can realize distributed water quality monitoring.

The on-line water quality monitoring system is established through each water quality monitoring station to obtain the on-line water quality monitoring data in time. In addition, the product collects data through modern information technology and transmits relevant water quality data to the environmental protection information center.

In this way, the Environmental Protection Information Center can realize the real-time monitoring of water quality monitoring stations. It is helpful to reflect the water quality of each monitoring site comprehensively and truly. We can timely and accurately grasp the water quality status and dynamic trend.

On-line water monitoring system contains

1. Water intake system:

The design of water intake system conforms to the representativeness, reliability and continuity of water samples. Water intake head, pump, water sample conveying pipe and flow regulator constitute the water intake system.

2. Pretreatment system:

Water sample pretreatment should not only eliminate the factors that interfere with instrument analysis and affect instrument use. In addition, the representativeness of water samples should not be lost;

3. Data acquisition and control system:

Our water monitoring system PLC, on-site industrial computer, central station computer, transmitter, actuator and so on constitute the data acquisition and control system.

The online water quality monitoring system can not only realize the automation of data monitoring and water pollution early warning, but also realize the online query and sharing of water quality information, providing scientific basis for leaders to make decisions. So we use it for government water management, fisheries management, aquaculture farmers, growers, agricultural cooperatives, family farms, etc.

The significance of online water quality monitoring system in today’s social water quality monitoring work is not only that it improves the accuracy and efficiency of water quality safety testing, but also improves the regulatory authorities’ ability to manage water quality in river basins. More importantly, this technology is helpful to develop online water quality monitoring and early warning system. It is of great practical significance to ensure the safety of urban water supply, protect people’s health and maintain social stability.

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