The increased importance of soil moisture detector

Accurate real-time soil moisture monitoring

Accurate, real-time soil moisture detector need to support decision making and feed into automated systems. In addition to raw data. It is more important to interpret the numbers and make the information actionable. A number of water management solutions are emerging, from using standalone watering systems to fully integrated cloud-based platforms. However, to manage something, you first need to measure it.

A key issue with traditional monitoring systems is the expensiveness, complexity of installation, high maintenance and difficulty to integrate one system with another. Smart, wireless soil sensors are now challenging the status quo, making it a lot easier and cheaper to get an accurate picture of the soil moisture levels in orchards and fields.

JXCT’s newest generation wireless soil moisture sensors are revolutionizing how soil moisture data :
  • The sensors are low-cost, which means that more sensors can be placed for less money.
  • We can retrieve soil monitoring data with the free Jingxun application, but our sensors are grouped together.ata can be retrieved with the free Sensoterra app, but the sensors are built to integrate. The open API, enables integrations with water management platforms and solutions.
  • The sensors can be installed in <1 minute without use of additional tools, because the sensors are hammerable (patented).
  • The sensors are 100% maintenance free, with a built- in battery which runs up to 8 years.
  • High accuracy is achieved with an extensive library of standard soil calibrations.
  • Different lengths are available for different applications.

Many soil moisture detector are already in use in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Gulf states, saving up to 50% on water and fuel. JXCT is currently seeking to expand its network of integrated partners in the trading region.

About JXCT

JXCT provides data-driven solutions for smart resilient cities, water and drought

Management and agriculture/horticulture to optimize land and freshwater resources.

Easy to install, rugged soil moisture sensors provide real-time soil moisture readings and are best suited for data integration.

Based in China, JXCT aims to improve water management by integrating soil moisture data.

Soil moisture sensors operate in more than 30 countries, generating more than 60 million data points and optimized for integration.

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