Application of multi-parameter water detector

Multi-parameter water quality detector can be widely used in various industries (industrial wastewater, urban sewage, domestic sewage and river basin surface water) produced by the water quality detection of waste water. This kind of water quality detector can meet the needs of different users. We use it in chemical industry, petroleum, coking, papermaking, metallurgy, brewing, medicine and other industrial wastewater.

Function characteristics of multi – parameter water detector
  1. Adopt the new Android intelligent system, humanized Chinese operation interface, faster running speed and stronger stability.
  2. LCD touch screen display, humanized Chinese operation interface, intuitive reading, simple.
  3. the precision colorimetric pool design, the use of the light source is consistent, can solve the error caused by the error of the light source, the detection result is more accurate.
  4. the light source adopts imported ultra-bright LED, the brightness of the light source can be automatically adjusted and calibrated.
  5. support 10mm, 30mm, 50mm plate colorimetric and φ16mm tube colorimetric and other colorimetric methods, multiple selection, to ensure the accuracy of measurement;
  6. with wireless communication function, support WIFI, RJ45, mobile phone hot spot network transmission, detection data can also be exported through the U disk;
  7. multi-functional sample management, samples can be named in Chinese and English, convenient sample record and data storage;
  8. the instrument can permanently store 8 million sets of data, in order to facilitate the search of a large number of data, can be retrieved through time, and randomly selected analysis;
  9. support HDMI output, convenient user training, explanation, and large screen display.
  10. The instrument is equipped with a regulatory cloud platform, and the data can be uploaded through LAN and Internet, or connected to the platform of environmental regulatory authorities.
  11. built-in thermal line printer, printing paper content can be freely selected (including two-dimensional code printing).
Product Advantages

multi-parameter water detector (black)

Zero drift is small, good repeatability; Fully moulded corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant material;

High sensitivity, fast response speed; Chinese menu, LCD display;

Strong anti-interference ability, strong adaptability; Fast heating, high sensitivity, fast response speed;

Continuous stability of data, accurate calculation and measurement. Strong anti-interference ability and adaptability.

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