How to choose portable gas detector?

This article mainly introduces how to choose a portable gas detector for gas detection (oxygen content, combustible gas, toxic gas) in the confined space working environment. A lot of people may not know very well, today’s newsletter small preparation of a popular science essay briefly introduced.

How to choose a portable gas detector

Direct reading gas detection can choose pump type gas detector, also can choose diffuse gas detector. When detecting gas in a confined space externally, the pump-suction gas detector should have an extended sampling tube. The diffused gas detector should have the function of recording the maximum value. The use of an extended sample tube should not affect the test results. In practice, the use of diffuse gas detector is very inconvenient, so it is strongly recommended to use a pump suction gas detector with an extension hose.

Here’s why:

(1) The diffused gas detector is very troublesome to detect the gas concentration in and out of the confined space. In case of liquid, the instrument may be scrapped, and the pump-suction gas detector generally has the function of dustproof and waterproof.

(2) The concentration of harmful gases may continue to rise during the operation of confined Spaces. For example, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in dredging operations or nitrogen oxide in welding operations increases over time. Therefore, real-time detection of gas concentration is required for confined space operation, and a pump-suction gas detector with an extension hose is of course the first choice.

Product Introduction

The handheld gas detector is a portable gas detector specially developed by the company to measure the concentration of a variety of gases or a single gas by pumping sampling method. With the filter screen version and the air pipe version 2 style, you can choose. Built-in strong suction pump, sampling gas uniform, steady flow, long service life, low noise. With buzzer alarm function, can better protect the safety of each user.

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