Soil PH tester for gardens

Common garden soil detector

A wise gardener knows how to grow healthy plants in the garden. Because he will use tools to analyze and improve the soil to provide the best growing environment for flowers, vegetables and so on. For example, check the soil pH with a soil pH tester. The contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soil were detected by soil nutrient sensor. Knowing the pH of the soil will give you an idea of exactly what to plant in your yard.

Why do you need a soil pH tester?

Insert the probe of the soil pH meter into the soil and it will directly tell you the current pH value of the soil. By measuring the value, you can consider what plants are best. Of course, if you want to grow your favorite flowers, you can create the most suitable soil environment by using fertilizers to improve the pH of the soil. Having a clear understanding of soil pH will ensure that plants thrive and produce better yields.

Advantages of soil pH tester

1. High protection performance: epoxy resin vacuum filling, high-density epoxy resin high temperature vacuum filling between the probe and the body, can prevent moisture from entering the body, better sealing performance, waterproof and dustproof body. 2. Probe: The probe parts of the soil conductivity sensor are made of austenitic 316 stainless steel. It has the properties of rust resistance, electrolysis resistance, salt and alkali corrosion resistance. It is suitable for all kinds of soil. 3. Internal structure: low power and high sensitivity chip, the soil conductivity sensor uses high-quality chip, low power consumption, high sensitivity, stable signal. 4.Soil pH sensor has the advantages of small soil influence, high measurement accuracy and fast response speed.。


F. A. Q.

Most ph meters are accurate around 0.1ph. Values ​​are accurate if properly calibrated and operating without errors.


Both are accurate measurements of soil pH if your operating standards are correct.


Strictly speaking, water cannot be added to the soil, as adding water may result in inaccurate pH measurements. However, for some soil pH meters with lower sensitivity, the pH value must be measured by adding water. Whether or not to add water depends on the ph meter you purchased.


Different ph meters have different calibration methods, please be sure to read the manual and calibrate correctly.


The loss of the ph meter mainly comes from the corrosion of the steel needle and the aging of the sensor. It can be used for one year without use in harsh environments and with normal maintenance.


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