Ultrasonic level sensor – 485 ultrasonic level meter 0-10M


Product Introduction:

Ultrasonic level sensor is a distance measuring instrument developed on the basis of ultrasonic principle. It calculates the distance by measuring the time at the receiving end of the transmitted acoustic pulse. The shell of the whole machine is made of ABS material, which has the characteristics of light weight, no moving parts, strong and durable, and does not require maintenance and on-site calibration, suitable for a variety of working conditions, tank, lake, acid and alkali pool and other corrosive liquid monitoring

* Models:JXBS-3001-CSB-YWJ-RS 0-10

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours



(1)No moving parts, low wear and long service life.
(2)Engineering plastic shell, light and handy design, easy to carry.
(3)The filtering algorithm makes the measurement more accurate.
(4)LED display, high-definition data display, easy to read at a glance.
(5)Expert mode/simple mode: In the expert mode, other functions can be set; in the easy mode, the product configuration can be quickly completed by 2-step setting and put into use.


Name: Ultrasonic level sensor
Model No. : JXBS-3001-CSB-YWJ-RS 0-10
Communication mode: RS485
Power supply: 12-24V power supply
Measuring range: 0-10 m
Measurement principle: ultrasonic wave
Material: ABS
Installation: non-contact type
Suitable place: Suitable for a variety of working conditions, tank, lake, acid and alkali pool and other corrosive liquid
Operating temperature: -20~+60℃
Working humidity environment: 0~100%RH (15~95%RH)


Please check whether the package is intact, and check whether the transmitter model and specifications are consistent with the products you choose; If you have any questions, please contact us as soon as possible.
Please confirm before use: power supply output voltage is correct; The positive and negative wiring modes of the power supply and the product; And read the product instructions or consult our company. Any error in wiring will cause irreversible damage to the transmitter.


1. Password management
You can open the password function according to your needs. The initial password is 0000, which can be opened and changed by yourself. The alternate password

2. Range management
This item is delivered according to the range purchased by the user. If the user restores the factory Settings by himself, it needs to be adjusted according to the purchased product parameters.
3. Measurement mode
It can switch the object level mode and liquid level mode.
4.How does the water level sensor work?
The principle of static pressure measurement: when the liquid level transmitter is put into a certain depth of the liquid under test, the pressure formula of the sensor against the liquid level is as follows: rho = rho. g.HPo formula: Pressure on
P: transmitter against liquid level
ρ : measured liquid density
g: local gravity acceleration
Atmospheric pressure on Po: surface
Depth of H: transmitter into liquid
Meanwhile, the pressure of the liquid is introduced into the positive pressure chamber of the sensor through the gas conduction stainless steel, and the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid level is connected with the negative pressure chamber of the sensor to counteract the Po, on the back of the sensor
The pressure measured by the sensor is ρ.g.H the depth of liquid level can be obtained by measuring the pressure P.

5.What are the types of water level sensor?
It is divided into two categories: one is contact type, including single flange differential pressure liquid level sensor, float liquid level sensor, magnetic liquid level sensor, input liquid level sensor, electric inner float liquid level sensor, electric float liquid level sensor, electronic water level gauge, magnetostrictive liquid level sensor, servo liquid level sensor, etc. The second category is non-contact, divided into the ultrasonic liquid level sensor, radar liquid level sensor, and so on.


Ultrasonic Level Sensor Introduction Manual


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