Electrochemical O3 Sensor – Sensor module 10ppm


Product Introduction:

Electrochemical O3 Sensor,High sensitivity and rapid response, small size and light weight, easy to install, plug and play, stable signal. Widely used for household organic vapor alarms, industrial organic vapor alarms, and portable organic vapor detectors.

* Models:JXM-O3-10PPM-BP

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


  • Patent variable gain amplifier circuit, high sensitivity and high resolution.
  • The factory has been calibrated, no need for secondary calibration, use directly.
  • Small size, easy to install, intrinsically safe design.
  • Support multiple interfaces including digital and analog.


Detection gas:Ozone (O3)
Measuring range:0-20ppm (default)
Resolution:0-100ppm (optional)
Response time:≤±3% of reading (25℃)
Detection principle:Generally less than 15 seconds
Baud rate:Electrochemistry
communication method:2400/4800/9600
Power supply:TTL/Modbus RTU
Power consumption:5V±2%
Operating temperature:≤0.2W
Working humidity environment:-10 to 50°C
Dimensions:0-95%RH (no condensation)
Material Height: 29.5mm (±0.25mm)


(1) It is forbidden to plug and unplug the sensor on the module. Wrong use will cause irreversible damage.

(2) It is forbidden to weld the pins of the module directly, and the sockets of the pins can be welded.

(3) The module should avoid contact with organic solvents (including silica gel and other adhesives), coatings, chemicals, and oils.

(4) Do not pass over-range high-concentration gas, it will cause irreversible damage.

(5) The module must not withstand excessive impact or vibration.


1. Why do we need to test ozone?
Ozone is a well-known gas. Ozone is often found in the atmosphere and helps filter out harmful rays from the sun, allowing life on Earth to thrive. In the medical field, ozone can also be used for disinfection. In pure ozone state, can carry out effective disinfection and sterilization, but must clean up afterwards, so as not to cause pollution. Ozone is beneficial when inhaled in small amounts and harmful when inhaled in large amounts, and can be chemically converted into VOC pollutants at certain temperatures. Ozone treatment and detection has also become one of the key environmental protection tests.

2. What is the o3 sensor?
The o3 sensor is an electronic device used to monitor the concentration of ozone in the air. Built-in ozone detection module, ozone concentration into electrical output.


Electrochemical O3 Sensor Introduction Manual


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