Infrared SO2 gas sensor -NDIR Sulfur dioxide gas sensor


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Infrared SO2 gas sensor is a sulfur dioxide sensor using (NDIR) non-dispersive infrared technology. The infrared sulfur dioxide gas sensor adopts imported light source, special optical cavity and double channel detector. It has good selectivity, high sensitivity and no oxygen dependence.

Infrared SO2 gas sensor can be widely used in hVAC refrigeration for new risk control system, indoor air quality monitoring, agriculture and animal husbandry production process monitoring and other occasions, can be installed in intelligent buildings, ventilation system, controller, wall hanging use, robots, cars and other applications.


1. The good selectivity of large-range monitoring products makes up for the shortcomings of traditional electrochemical sensors in the selection of high-range testing range.

2, without fear of harsh environment using imported infrared light source and double channel pyroelectric measurement, and can automatically compensate the temperature function, even in harsh temperature and environmental conditions, also can obtain stable and reliable measurement results.

3. Long service life, NDIR sensor has no obvious use consumption compared with traditional electrochemical sensor, and has a long service life.

4, zero calibration function: convenient for users to calibrate zero.

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