Benzene sensor module RS485 – Benzene electrochemical sensor


 benzene sensor module RS485 1

Product Introduction:

Benzene sensor module RS485 incorporates high precision electrochemical sensors and uses proprietary circuits to output gas concentration signals into digital signals. The sensor is equipped with high precision amplification, noise removal processing and temperature compensation processing. At the same time, each sensor has been calibrated by standard gas before leaving the factory, so as to ensure that customers can directly output usable and accurate gas concentration information from the sensor module. With small size, easy installation, safety design, high sensitivity, factory has been calibrated and so on.

* Models:JXM-C6H6

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


  • Patented variable gain amplification circuit, high sensitivity, high resolution
  • Factory calibration and used directly without secondary calibration
  • Small volume, easy to install, Ben-Ann design
  • Support for multiple interfaces, including digital and analog quantities

 benzene sensor module RS485 2


tracer gas:Benzoene (C6H6)
measuring range:0-100ppm
resolution ratio:0.01ppm
accuracy:± 3% of the ≤ readings (25℃)
response time:Generally less than 15 seconds
Principle of detection:electrochemistry
Baud rate:2400/4800/9600
power supply mode:5V±2%
power consumption:≤0.2W
running temperature:-10 to 50℃
Work humidity environment:0-95%RH(without condensation)
outline dimension:High level: 29.5mm(±0.25mm)


(1)Do not plug the sensor on the module and cause irreversible damage.

(2)The module pin cannot be welded directly, and the pin seat can be welded.

(3)Momodules avoid contact with organic solvents (including silicone and other adhesives), coatings, agents and oils.

(4)Do not pass through the excess range of high concentration of gas, which will cause no damage.

(5)The module shall not withstand excessive impact or vibration.

(6)The module shall be preheated for more than 3 minutes.

(7)Do not apply this module to systems involving personal safety.

(8)Do not install the module in a strong air convection environment.


1. The harm of benzene?
The main harm of benzene to the human body is the damage to the nervous system and hematopoietic system. Benzene has lipophilic properties, can be inhaled through the respiratory tract in the form of vapor into the human body, after entering the human body causes acute poisoning. It can cover the surface of nerve cells, inhibit biological oxidation, affect the transmission of neurotransmitters, and anesthetize the central nervous system. After anesthesia, patients may experience dizziness, headache, fatigue, tinnitus, unsteady gait and hallucinations, and patients with severe mental disorders may experience coma, muscle spasms, pupil dilation and respiratory paralysis.

2. Why use benzene gas detector?
Benzene gas detector, mainly used for the accurate detection and alarm of benzene gas concentration in the air, the product is the original imported sensor, more reliable and stable than the general detector, high precision, high signal noise and resolution. High precision information collection and processing can be realized through software and hardware technology. With zero stability, zero long-term maintenance free function.


Benzene Sensor Module RS485  Introduction Manual




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