CL2 gas sensor-Portable Chlorine Gas Detector Handheld


Product Description:

The portable CL2 detector is a portable detection and alarm device that focuses on detecting the concentration of CL2 in the air. The CL2 type gas leak detector has high-definition liquid crystal display and sound, light, vibration alarm prompts and other functions, which can ensure that the gas content can be detected in harsh working environments.


1. Small size, portable and light, sturdy, audio sound, sound and light alarm prompt;

2. Large-screen digital display, instantaneous value, peak value, average value prompt;

3. Self-check the display, battery, sensor, sound and light vibration alarm function when it is turned on or needed;

4. Safety prompts: regular flashing lights, sound prompts;

5. With the function of storing 200,000 records, it supports the generation and printing of data reports;

Details Description:


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