What are the sensors of the weather monitoring systems

Weather monitoring systems are the systems that can be used to monitor multiple meteorological parameters. They are especially suitable for solar energy systems and provide important data support for system performance evaluation. Performance is the most important factor affecting investment in photovoltaic power plants. Meteorological data are collected from sensors and evaluated in a data logger through a monitoring program to show the performance ratios of PV power plant investors.

The weather stations, which provide useful data for performance evaluation of solar systems, are one of the important devices for the sustainability of the Solar Plants.

Meteorological monitoring system components

Irradiance Sensor or Pyranometer

Ambient Temperature Sensor

Wind Speed Sensor

Wind Direction Sensor

Humidity Sensor

Iot monitoring platform


Irradiance Sensors, which are also called pyranometers, provide the measurement of the solar in W/m2. Irradiance data, which is the most important data for performance evaluation in solar energy systems, is determined by this sensor. As seen in the following photo, there are various connections on the sensor box. With these connectors; ambient temperature, module temperature and wind speed sensors can be directly connected to the card under the irradiance sensor. Seven Sensor produces irradiance sensors with Modbus RTU output and analog output. You can find detailed information about the irradiance sensor from our article.


Ambient Temperature Sensors areproduced with temperature sensitive materials that are detecting temperature changes in the environment. These sensors are available with both DS18B20 and PT1000 outputs. These sensors should be used with UV resistant plastic protection.


Wind speed sensor is the sensor used to measure the wind speed. The scientific name for this device is anemometer. Anemometers are part of the standard equipment in a weather station and used to measure the speed of the wind at a given height in the atmosphere. We have wind speed sensors with Modbus RTU, analog and digital outputs.


The wind in the measured area can blow from a certain direction or from different directions. It is the sensor that is measuring the direction and converting direction information into electrical signal. We have wind direction sensors with Modbus RTU, analog and digital outputs.

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