High quality water sensor for environmental protection

In today’s more and more attention to environmental protection, high quality water sensor is an essential sensor for some industries. And different industries have different needs for detection, so the corresponding operation of detection personnel is different, and the selection of detection equipment is also different.

high quality water sensor
  1. Residual chlorine sensor

Chlorine is the most widely used disinfectant, especially in the process of sterilizing drinking water. The residual chlorine sensor can detect the content of free chlorine, monochloramine and total chlorine in water samples.

  1. Conductivity sensor

Conductivity sensor can be said to be the most used sensor equipment in the water quality detector, it is mainly used to detect the concentration of total ions in the water body, and according to the different measurement principles can be divided into electrode type, inductance type and ultrasonic type.

Conductivity sensors are suitable for the measurement of corrosive and clogging solutions. Can avoid the general conductivity sensor often encountered pollution and corrosion problems, so it has better stability, greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

3.PH sensor

PH sensor mainly detects hydrogen ions to obtain PH value of water body, and PH value is an important index of water body, in a number of industries have strict requirements on pH value of water body.

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