Flood season function of water monitoring system

The water monitoring system’s flood season function is large, the flood season is coming, the rainfall also increases, since the flood, the rainfall is frequent in our country, the main rain area is concentrated in Jiangnan, north South China and other places swing back and forth.

Water monitoring system is a high precision surface water level measurement product with surface wave filtering. Water monitoring system using horn antenna design, reduce power consumption, wide range of input voltage, specially designed for unattended field automatic station application, monitoring system measurement is not affected by atmospheric temperature, pressure, air density, wind, precipitation, relative humidity, with high stability. The product has low power consumption and maintenance-free design. The product has flexible working mode configuration.

Water monitoring system function
  1. Real-time monitoring

The water quality monitoring system can monitor ph value, oxygen content, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, chemical oxygen demand and other water quality parameters 24 hours a day. Thus, the prevention and control of water pollution events can be realized effectively. Water monitoring systems are used to help integrators or relevant authorities accurately grasp water quality information. In this way, it will provide help for the early warning and forecast of major river water pollution events, supervision of pollutant discharge, and supervision of the implementation of total volume control.

2, over threshold alarm display

If a monitoring parameter exceeds the limit, report it to the management department in time. Then, through the mobile phone small program reminder timely notify the user. Automatic alarm for abnormal state, such as limiting low water level alarm and interlocking protection, high water level alarm, etc. The addition of a camera can monitor the equipment status in real time and from multiple angles.

  1. Historical records can be queried

Water monitoring system can save water quality parameter data, users can consult and analyze the historical data at any time. We can categorize the water quality data. Then the environmental parameters of the daily, monthly, annual report, statistical analysis, benchmarking, so as to view the data model.The basic operations of adding, deleting, modifying, and viewing real-time monitoring site information make monitoring device management more standardized.

  1. Save manpower and materials

Traditional manual detection has long detection cycle, high labor intensity and slow data collection speed. The hydrological monitoring system uses the large-screen monitoring option of the cloud platform. We can remotely manage the on-site real-time inspection data and the working status of the staff. Easy maintenance, easy deployment, easy expansion, multi-parameter, low power consumption.

  1. Video surveillance function

Water condition monitoring system can perform video monitoring according to customer requirements. Set up mobile video surveillance cameras in hydrological monitoring areas. It can realize remote real-time monitoring, spot photo timing collection, video storage and playback. The hydrologic monitoring system can carry out 24 hours all day long remote real-time video monitoring on the site.

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