The significance of the existence of environmental air quality monitoring system


The application significance of environmental air quality monitoring system in environmental monitoring work is not only to monitor the value and view the basic data. It is also to establish a unified supervision, evaluation and coordination mechanism through standard monitoring methods. In order to reduce the discharge of air pollutants, improve air quality, strengthen regional environmental protection, do a good job of air pollution prevention and control work. We calibrate the environmental monitoring standard value and match it with other monitoring instruments to determine whether the instrument value is accurate. Thus, the extent of environmental pollution can be determined, the source of pollution can be traced, and point management and regional management can be combined to improve the overall level of regional air pollution prevention and control.


Significance of ambient air quality monitoring system

Controlling air pollution, improving air quality, strengthening scientific prevention and control of air pollution and promoting green development are the trends of current social development. In recent years, China has achieved positive results in the prevention and control of air pollution, dust and particulate matter have been effectively controlled, haze days have been reduced, and blue skies and white clouds have become more and more common in our lives.

At present, the prevention and control of air pollution should be further developed on the basis of the existing achievements, identify the causes of pollution, identify the sources of pollution, formulate targeted prevention and control measures, and further strengthen the coordinated control of various pollutants, and promote the coordinated control of particulate matter and ozone. Air quality monitoring remains a concern.

System Introduction

Environmental air quality monitoring system is an important monitoring instrument for monitoring environmental air quality. The system is composed of several analyzer modules, such as: PM2.5 analyzer (β-ray), PM10 analyzer (β-ray), SO2 analyzer, NOx analyzer, CO analyzer, O3 analyzer, zero gas generator, dynamic calibrator, etc. The system adopts standard method to monitor, with high accuracy, can be unattended, continuous sampling work, timely grasp the status quo of air quality in a certain area.

System Application

The system can constitute a complete network for real-time sampling and analysis of ambient air in one area. It is mainly used in various environmental protection departments, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, building materials and other large industrial and mining enterprises to monitor the ambient air quality, large airport environmental air quality and meteorological parameters monitoring, air quality parameters and meteorological parameters monitoring and environmental quality evaluation, traffic environmental pollution monitoring and other application scenarios

Internet Uploading of Devices

Through wireless communication technology, the air quality monitoring system uploads monitoring data to the system platform, integrates, analyzes and converts it into charts, converts static data into dynamic data, and provides data visualization for managers. The establishment of the system can assist the formulation of air pollution accident forecast, early warning and emergency treatment plans, improve the environmental information release system, realize the sharing of monitoring information in key regions, and promote the linkage of law enforcement, supervision and governance of regional, municipal, provincial and national environmental work.

Fixed pollution source exhaust detection:

1.automatic smoke tester: determination of soot, O2, SO2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, H2S;


2.smoke sampler: fixed pollution source exhaust gas sampling;


3. volatile organic matter sampler: fixed pollution source volatile organic matter sampling, adsorption tube method;


4. non-methane total hydrocarbon sampler: total hydrocarbon, non-methane total hydrocarbon, methane sampling.

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