How is carbon dioxide gas measured?


Carbon dioxide gas is a gaseous compound produced by the reaction of carbon and oxygen. Its chemical formula is CO2. A carbon dioxide molecule consists of two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom. Carbon dioxide is an inorganic substance that is not flammable and generally does not support combustion. It is non-toxic at low concentrations, but when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment exceeds a certain amount, carbon dioxide will have an impact on the human body. This article explains in detail how to measure carbon dioxide?

Why measure Carbon Dioxide?

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can radiate long-wave radiation with longer wavelengths to the ground after absorbing the long-wave radiation on the ground, which has a thermal insulation effect on the ground. When the temperature continues to increase, it leads to global warming. In addition, human activities will emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, resulting in a sharp increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, resulting in an increasing greenhouse effect. By measuring the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the environment, timely action and preventive measures can be taken to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

How is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) measured?

Carbon dioxide sensors are the most commonly used tools to measure carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations. The carbon dioxide concentration is detected by the measuring unit and converted into a digital display to the user. There are three main types of carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors: electrochemical sensors, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensors, and metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensors.

Applications of CO2 sensors

1. Application in aquaculture industry; 2. Application of industrial waste gas; 3. Application of indoor HVAC; 4. Application of agricultural greenhouse. All kinds of vegetables in agricultural greenhouses need to absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. However, crops in greenhouses are kept in relatively closed places for a long time, and the carbon dioxide concentration inside them varies greatly within a day. Therefore, the shortage of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse is quite serious, which has become an important factor affecting the yield of greenhouse vegetables. The use of carbon dioxide sensors to control the concentration has also become an important factor affecting the crop yield. At present, many greenhouses have begun to use carbon dioxide sensor environmental monitoring equipment.  

Recommended CO2 Sensors

wall mounted CO2 sensor

This wall mounted CO2 sensor is an NDIR CO2 sensor. It’s a universal wall-mounted sensor with built-in temperature and humidity sensors! It has high protection and various functions, can measure carbon dioxide with accuracy. Its built-in temperature sensor is also equipped with temperature compensation to ensure accurate temperature measurement.

Portable Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Sometimes, due to various requirements, we do not only measure the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in one location, we may need to measure carbon dioxide in different places, such as: mine or tunnel workers, each time before entering a closed environment, need to measure carbon dioxide concentration inside, a gas sensor that can move freely and directly display the measured value is particularly important.

Fixed carbon dioxide sensor

The online carbon dioxide sensor is suitable for real-time detection of carbon dioxide concentration and leakage in industrial environments. It adopts high-precision infrared NDIR sensor and microcontroller technology. It has fast response speed and high measurement accuracy.


Measure carbon dioxide is not difficult. Just choose a good carbon dioxide sensor. At present, NDIR is the most widely used one. This article introduces you in detail where need to measure carbon dioxide. If you have other questions about measuring carbon dioxide, please to contact us.

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