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weather station

What is an automatic weather station

An automatic weather station is an information detection device that can convert the detected measurement information into electrical signals or other signals according to certain rules, and output them in the required form to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, and storage. This article mainly introduces portable weather station and agricultural weather station.

weather stations

Optional sensor

The main function of the portable weather station is to monitor the common meteorological factors in agricultural planting, which is conducive to improving farmers’ defense against meteorological disasters, speeding up the promotion of new varieties, reducing blind investment, and effectively improving economic benefits. This is very beneficial to the development of modern agriculture. The optional sensors for small weather stations are as follows: Air pressure sensor, light intensity sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, CO2 sensor, wind direction sensor, wind speed sensor, noise sensor, PM sensor.

Weather station component

The agricultural weather station realizes real-time monitoring of farmland microclimate, mainly monitoring climate factors and soil physical and chemical properties. Provide a decision-making basis for the information system of the irrigation area. The components of the agricultural weather station are weather sensor part, weather station support part, collector and transmission module part, solar panel and battery part, background computer terminal.

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The main function of the sensor part is to monitor meteorological element information, which can monitor wind speed, wind direction, PM2.5, light, carbon dioxide, air pressure, rainfall, temperature and humidity, soil, rain and snow and other factors, which can be selected according to needs.

The site of the weather station should be selected at a location that can represent a wide range of weather and climate. It is generally required to be built in a flat and open place without tall buildings, trees and large pools around.

The number of regular manual observations at the general station is 3 times a day (08, 14, and 20 hours)

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