Best Methane Gas Detector

Methane gas is a common gas in homes and industrial production. Use a methane gas detector, a combustibles detector, or a natural gas leak detector to detect and monitor potential leaks. Methane gas is potentially dangerous, so careful attention and monitoring of any leaks is key to optimal safety. In particular, homeowners and landlords should be especially vigilant about methane gas leaks. Certain industries involved in natural gas extraction should also take care to prevent methane gas leakage.

Methane Gas Detector

Methane gas detectors are not very expensive.

Methane gas is potentially harmful and may lead to explosions if not monitored properly. Methane gas detectors can help to solve this problem.

Methane detector can be purchased as a natural gas detector, EX LEL or combustibles gas detector.

What is Methane Gas?

Methane gas is both colorless and odorless. It is produced in both nature and human industrial activities, such as in the extraction of natural gas. It is composed of the molecule CH4 that is combustible and a frequent greenhouse gas contributor. Methane gas, is also known as natural gas and a very important fossil fuel source for the home (oven and cooktop) and business.

Is Methane Gas the Same as Natural Gas?

Yes and No.

Methane gas is not technically the same as natural gas but natural gas, mostly is composed on methane, along with other gases such as ethane, propane, carbon dioxide, and water vapor. But the main consistent gas in natural gas is methane.

Is Methane Gas Dangerous?


High concentrations of methane gas can produce dangerous health symptoms in homeowners and others who come into contact with it. Additionally, methane gas leaks have the potential to cause hazardous and deadly explosions that have been documented in the past.

What is a Methane Gas Detector?

A methane gas detector, or a methane detector, is a piece of sensing equipment designed to monitor the presence of methane gas in a given environment. Typically, these devices provide accurate and quick information on the presence of methane gas. Many are designed using a laser light system for detection.

What are the different types of Gas Leak Detectors?

Yes there are. They can be divided up into two main groups:

Handheld Gas Leak Detectors

These are leak detectors that are made to be held and used to find gas leak in pipes, appliances, gas connectors. They typically have a gooseneck, or are pen type design. Used by plumbers, landlords, homeowners, technicians and many others.

Personal Protection Methane Gas Detector

These are devices made to be fixed to your man, clipped to your shirt or belt and will alarm if methane levels are too high. These devices are often used by employees working in the oil and gas industry or where methane is used in an industrial setting.

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