Best Portable Soil Tester

Portable soil tester is composed of portable multi – channel soil data collector and soil sensor. It is a soil testing instrument integrating soil information collection, data display and storage.

Portable Soil Tester
Portable soil tester composition

1, The portable soil data collector adopts the latest digital integrated circuit technology and international detection technology to make an intelligent new handheld detector. It has a small appearance and light weight. It is also called a 5000mAh lithium battery. Doctor recorder is charged via USB charging cable.

At work, up to 5 monitoring devices such as soil pH, soil temperature and humidity conductivity, or soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be connected through the DB9 interface, which integrates display, storage, recording, and analysis of various soil elements data.

2, The soil temperature humidity and conductivity sensor adopts a three-head probe design, which can collect the three soil elements of soil temperature, water content and electrical conductivity. Its shell is completely sealed with black flame-retardant epoxy resin. The head probes are all made of specially treated alloy materials, which are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

It can perform fast and high-precision measurements in all kinds of soils. It has a built-in temperature compensation sensor with a compensation range of 0-50°C: the range of moisture is 0~100%, 0~50%, and 50~100%, and the range of temperature is- 40~80℃, the range of conductivity is 0-10000us/cm, 10000-20000us/cm, 0-20000us/cm.

3, The pH of the soil suitable for growth of different crops is different. Many plants are difficult to grow in an environment with a soil pH value of >9.0 or <2.5. Therefore, soil pH is also an important element of soil monitoring.

The soil PH sensor has an appearance design with two steel needles. The steel needle is an electrode made of a specially processed alloy material. The measuring range is 3~9PH and the accuracy is 0.3PH; it can be quickly measured at multiple points when used, and the response time is ≤10S , No reagent is required, and the number of detections is unlimited.

Features of the Portable soil tester

1, The portable soil multi-channel recorder receives the soil temperature collected by a monitoring device through the DB9 line. Water content, electrical conductivity, PH value, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other elements, and all data are displayed in real time on the built-in LCD screen.

2, The recorder adopts an appearance design with buttons, and the time interval of data recording 0~999s/time can be adjusted by the buttons, and functions such as starting or stopping recording, storing or deleting historical records can also be performed.

3, The alarm function of the system is realized by the built-in buzzer of the multi-channel recorder. First add the limit of each soil parameter by pressing the button, and then turn on the alarm function.

4, The collector is connected to the computer through a USB data cable, and the configuration software can view and read the information uploaded by all stored soil monitoring equipment, and export historical data through TXT, XLS, PDF and other formats.

Soil is the foundation on which all kinds of crops grow. As people pay more attention to soil safety, the Portable soil tester is suitable for collecting soil parameters in many fields such as agriculture, forestry, geological prospecting, plant cultivation, water conservancy, and environmental protection.

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