Portable digital soil tester – agricultural soil monitoring platform



The portable digital soil tester can insert the sensor into the soil and display the measurement results in a few seconds. It is simple and convenient, and does not need reagents. The sensor can be replaced to measure different soil parameters without purchasing other display instruments, which greatly reduces the use cost of customers and facilitates the measurement of users.


(1)Real time display of plug and play data:
the measurement results can be displayed in a few seconds after the sensor is inserted, which is simple, convenient, low cost and fast.
(2)Multiple recording methods are available:
.Single point recording:press to record the current sensor data, which can assist researchers to record in the way they want, and set how long to collect data.
.Start recording / stop recording:press the start recording key to start the measurement within a period of time; press the stop recording key to stop recording the sensor data and save it to the memory.
(3)Large size display and large capacity storage:
we can store 200000 pieces of data, and can adjust the setting time interval to record the data. The setting range is [5 seconds ~ 24 hours]. We can view the corresponding data according to the date and time.
(4)Automatic alarm elimination backlight power saving:
when the detected value exceeds the alarm value set by the user, the device will alarm, timely remind, press the alarm elimination key to eliminate the alarm; when the user does not use the device, press the backlight key to save the power of the device.
(5)View data item by item:
users can view data item by item, and users can view detected data item by item in real time, which is simple and convenient.

Monitoring parameters:

1)Soil temperature detection:Easy to understand.Soil temperature determines the living environment of the plant to create a standard greenhouse for your soil.
2)Soil pH test:Accurate control,Soil pH affects plant growth and protects your soil acid-base balance.
3)Soil NPK detection:Test at any time,Soil NPK is an important nutrient element for plant growth and promotes plant growth.
4)Soil conductivity test:Rational planting,Soil conductivity reflects soil salinity and affects soil nutrient conversion and effectiveness.


Soil sensor is suitable for farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, all kinds of horticultural soil testing, support parameter free customization, multi in one soil sensor customization.

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