Forest fire weather station prevent forest fires


To ensure that forest resources are not destroyed and people’s lives and property are not harmed, the level of forest fire prevention infrastructure should be constantly improved. The use of weather stations is one of them. Forest fire weather station can work automatically and monitor forest weather intelligently under unattended condition.

Because the weather station is applied in the forest, it is called forest fire weather station. In response to forest fires, the main role of forest weather stations is to monitor wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity, radiation, pressure and other elements. By analyzing the data of these monitoring elements, we can judge the location of forest fire more accurately, and take reasonable measures to reduce the frequency of fire. If there is an unavoidable fire in the forest, the staff can also timely understand the fire situation through the forest weather station, and quickly take measures to reduce the loss as much as possible by analyzing and judging the wind direction and speed. Jiandarenke forest weather station is composed of meteorological sensors, data collectors, power supply equipment, protective boxes and stainless steel supports, which can automatically monitor wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and other elements, and then upload the forest site meteorological elements to our environmental monitoring cloud platform through 4G transmission mode in real time. If the camera is used, the video images can also be uploaded at the same time, providing scientific basis for the staff to monitor the initial ignition point in time and make deployment decisions.

Composition of forest fire prevention weather stations:

Weather sensor: mainly including rain measuring cylinder, weather louver box, wind speed and direction sensor and other equipment to monitor a variety of weather factors.

Data collector: the main function of the collector and transmission module is to collect and transmit meteorological data. The collector will collect the meteorological elements, and then transmit them to the background computer through wireless transmission.

Power supply equipment: The weather station has two power supply modes, solar power system and municipal power supply. These two power supply modes can be used in combination to provide power support and ensure that the equipment can work normally and continuously even in bad conditions.

Protective box and support: the support part of the weather station is mainly used for placing sensors, collectors and protective boxes, as well as solar panels.

Forest fire weather station
Advantages of forest fire meteorological station:

24-hour real-time monitoring

Forest weather stations can obtain real-time meteorological information 24 hours a day, and upload the collected monitoring data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform, realizing the continuous monitoring of the meteorological environment.

Support multi-factor monitoring

Weather station can be configured for multi-factor monitoring equipment, various factors including air temperature, air humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, the atmospheric pressure, sunshine, rain and snow state, uv, total radiation, carbon monoxide and ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, PM2.5 and PM10, negative oxygen ion and other elements, so that the various aspects to understand the status of the forest environment.

Automatic alarm over the limit is realized

The management personnel can set the limits of each meteorological element in the forest. When the temperature and humidity in the forest is abnormal or other elements exceed the limits, the platform will send alarm information to the management personnel in the form of SMS, telephone, or email.

Rod flange installation, can be used in bad situations

The whole pole of forest weather station is connected with 2 flanges, which has simple wiring, reliable connection, stable installation and convenient transportation. The pole is made of carbon steel with high yield strength and special rustproof and corrosion resistant technology, which can be used in harsh outdoor environment for a long time and will not bend or corrode under harsh conditions.

Rod – in – line, anti – erosion

The weather station adopts internal wiring, which is beautiful and can prevent sunlight erosion and bird damage. The pole is provided with a small hole, when using with a small hammer gently knock off the wire groove, you can complete the wiring, easy to operate.

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