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Product Introduction  :

JXBS-3001-FS series wind speed transmitter, compact and lightweight, easy to carry and assemble, the three-cup design concept can effectively obtain the external environment information, the shell is made of high-quality polycarbon material, while the internal smooth bearing system, to ensure the accuracy of information acquisition. It is widely used for wind speed measurement in greenhouse, environmental protection, weather station, ship, dock, aquaculture and other environment.

* Models:JXBS-3001-FS

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


1. Internal anti-electromagnetic interference processing.
2. the bottom outlet way, eliminate the aging problem of aviation plug rubber pad, long-term use is still waterproof. Free cloud platform.
3. the use of high-performance imported bearings, small rotation resistance, accurate measurement.
4. Polycarbonate shell, high mechanical strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, no rust, can be used outdoors for a long time.
5. the equipment structure and weight are carefully designed and distributed, the moment of inertia is small, sensitive response.
6. a variety of output mode optional: RS485, 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA or pulse output.


Measurement parameter: wind speed
Model: JXBS – 3001 – FS
Communication mode: RS485
Power supply: 12-24V power supply
Measuring range: 0-30m/s
Material: polycarbon
Wind speed measurement accuracy: ±1m/s
Response time: less than 5 seconds
Communication port: RS485
Power supply: 12V to 24V DC
Power consumption: <1W Operating temperature: -30-80℃


Installation Method:
Flange mounting, threaded flange connection makes the lower pipe fitting of the wind speed sensor firmly fixed on the flange, the chassis ø65 mm, four ø6 mm mounting holes are cut in the Ø47.1mm circumference, and they are tightly bolted to the bracket, to keep the whole instrument in the best level, to ensure the accuracy of wind speed data. Flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure.

preventive measure
Do not disassemble by yourself, not to mention touch the sensor core, so as not to damage the product.

Keep away from high-power interference devices, such as inverters and motors, to avoid inaccurate measurement. Disconnect the power supply before installing or removing the transmitter. The water in the transmitter may cause irreversible changes.

Prevent chemical agents, oil, dust and other direct intrusion into the sensor, do not use in condensation and extreme temperature environment for a long time, strictly prevent thermal shock.


RS485 ouput wind speed sensor wiring

The wiring of the rs485 wind speed sensors have four colors. When using, connect the black wire to the negative of the power supply, the brown wire to the positive of the 10-30VDC power supply, the green wire to the signal wire 485-A, and the blue wire to the signal wire 485-B. That’s it! The wide voltage power input is 10~30V. When wiring the 485 signal line, pay attention to the two wires A\B not to be reversed, and the addresses of multiple devices on the bus cannot be conflicted.

Pulse output wind speed sensor wiring

When using the pulse-type wind speed sensor, connect the black wire to the power supply and signal ground, the brown wire to the 5-30VDC power supply, the green wire to the pulse signal PNPOUT, and the blue wire to NPN (NPNR) OUT. That’s it! Wide voltage power input is 5~30V.

Analog output wind speed sensor

For analog type, we provide three outputs: 0-10V, 0-5V and 4-20ma. When in use, connect the black wire to the power and signal ground, and the brown wire to 10-30VDC (0-10V output wind speed sensors can only use 24V power supply) and measure the analog voltage on the blue wire. That’s it! It can be applied to both four-wire system and three-wire system at the same time.



Wind Speed Transmitter Introduction Manual


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