Temperature and humidity shutter box – Weather shield box



Product Introduction:

A fixed-type multi-in-one automatic ground observation equipment. Observations mainly include wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, illumination, carbon dioxide concentration, PM2.5, PM10, oxygen concentration, ammonia concentration, hydrogen sulfide concentration, noise and other meteorological elements. Weather shield box can be widely used in urban environment, agricultural monitoring, industrial governance and other environments so as to collect more efficient monitoring data.


* Models:JXBS-3001-BY-6

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


This product uses high sensitivity digital probe, signal stability, high precision. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linearity, good waterproof performance, easy to use, easy to install, long transmission distance and so on.
Waterproof type meteorological time box structure, can adapt to all kinds of environment applications, data acquisition system accuracy, stable and reliable operation; The product has good technology and good corrosion resistance.


DC power supply (default) : 12-24V DC
Power consumption: ≤0.5W (@12V DC, 25℃)
Output signal: RS485 output (Mondbus protocol)
Working pressure range: 0.9-1.1atm
Operating temperature: -40-70℃
Operating humidity: 0-95%RH No condensation
Measuring range: -25℃-85℃ 0~100% RH


Pay attention to the following items in the installation position:
1, the transmitter should be horizontal security as far as possible, to ensure that the installation is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.
2. The installation height shall be the height of the human body or the environmental area that is mainly required to be measured.
Meanwhile, please pay attention to the following precautions:
(1) Avoid installation in areas that are easy to heat transfer and will directly cause temperature difference with the area to be measured, otherwise it will cause inaccurate temperature and humidity measurement.
(2) Install in a stable environment area, avoid direct sunlight, away from the window and air conditioning, heating and other equipment, avoid direct to the window, door.
③, try to stay away from high-power interference equipment, so as not to cause inaccurate measurement, such as frequency converter, motor and so on.


1. Change the baud rate and device ID
After the device is disconnected, click the baud rate and address of the device in the communication Settings to complete the relevant Settings. Please restart the device after the Settings, and then “automatically obtain the current Baud rate and address”, you can find that the address and baud rate have been changed to the one you need.
2. The device cannot be connected to the PLC or computer
Possible causes are as follows:
* The computer has multiple COM ports. The selected port is incorrect.
* The device address is incorrect or the device has the same address (the factory default is all 1).
* Baud rate, check mode, data bit, stop bit error.
* The polling interval and waiting time of the host are too short. Therefore, both of them need to be set above 200ms.
*485 bus is disconnected, or A, B line is reversed.
* If the number of devices is too large or the wiring is too long, power supply should be nearby, add 485 enhancer, and increase the terminal resistance of 120Ω.
* The USB to 485 driver is not installed or damaged.
* The device is damaged.


Weather Shield Box Introduction Manual


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