RS485 Ultrasonic wind anemometer – Wind speed and direction



Product Introduction:

Ultrasonic wind anemometer sensor is a wind speed and direction measurement instrument developed based on the principle of ultrasonic wave. It uses the acoustic pulse sent to measure the time or frequency difference at the receiving end to calculate the wind speed and direction. The shell of the whole machine is made of ABS material, with light weight, no moving parts, durable characteristics, and does not need maintenance and on-site calibration, can simultaneously output wind speed and direction. It can be used with computer, data collector or other acquisition equipment with RS485. Is widely used in greenhouse, environmental protection, weather stations, ships, docks, aquaculture and other environmental wind measurement.

* Model: JXBS-3001-FSFX
* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece
* Delivery time: within 24 hours


1. No starting wind speed limit, zero wind speed work, no Angle limit, 360 ° full
Azimuth, can simultaneously obtain wind speed, wind direction data;
2. No moving parts, small wear, long service life;
3. Using acoustic wave phase compensation technology, high precision, fast response speed;
4. The random error identification technology can also ensure the low discrete error of the measurement under high wind, so that the output is more stable;
5. Engineering plastic shell, lightweight design, portable, easy to install and disassemble
6. Convenient signal access, support 485-RTU;
7. No maintenance and on-site calibration is required.


Determination parameters: wind speed and direction
Model: – FSFX JXBS – 3001
Communication mode: RS485
Power supply: 12-24V power supply
Material: ABS.
Wind speed measurement range: 0~60m/s
Wind speed measurement accuracy: ±2%
Wind direction measurement range: 0~360°
Wind direction measurement accuracy: ±3°
Response time: less than 5 seconds
Baud rate: 9600


(1) Please be careful not to connect the wrong line sequence, because the wrong connection will cause the equipment to burn
(2) By default, 1.0 meters long wire is provided. Customers can extend the wire or connect it in sequence according to their needs.
(3) Note that there is no yellow line in the sequence that may be provided in some factory batches. In this case, the gray line is equivalent to replace the yellow line.


How to install it?
Mounted with flange, threaded flange connection that the lower part of the wind sensor fitting firmly fixed in the flange plate, chassis on the circumference of the four mounting holes, using bolts should be firmly fixed to the bracket, to keep a complete set of equipment at the best level, ensure the accuracy of the wind data, flange connection is convenient to use, can withstand greater pressure.
Note: When installing the sensor, the letter N on the top face should be facing the north direction.

What are the advantages of Ultrasonic wind anemometer?

1. No inertial measurement: no inertial measurement, no starting wind speed limit, zero wind speed work, 360° all-round no Angle limit, can obtain the wind speed and direction value at the same time.

2. Adopt integrated structure design: Adopt integrated structure design, the whole has no moving parts, the shell is made of engineering plastic material, small wear, long service life.

3. The use of random error identification technology: the use of random error identification technology, even in the strong wind can also ensure the measurement of low dispersion error, so that the output is more stable.

4. The equipment does not require on-site calibration and maintenance: the ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor is equipped with four downward oriented ultrasonic probes on the top of the equipment. They can send and receive ultrasonic waves in two dimensions. The measured wind speed is calculated using the time difference between the ultrasonic waves as they travel through the air, using a built-in microprocessor. The wind direction value is uploaded to the monitoring center or cloud platform through 4G/GPRS communication through the concentrator for users to view.


Ultrasonic Wind Speed And Direction Sensor Introduction Manual


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