Soil tensiometer-Soil NPK/moisture/PH detector


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What is a soil tensimeter?

Soil tensimeter uses the principle of negative pressure to measure soil moisture and studies soil moisture movement from the perspective of energy. Transparent PVC pipe can clearly see the amount of water, low-end with high-quality clay head, fast sealing, accurate measurement.

Soil tensiometer is a practical method to measure soil condition by using a negative pressure meter to study soil moisture movement from an energy perspective. It is a very practical instrument and equipment that reflects the soil condition and guides irrigation.

Soil tensimeter is a common device used to measure soil moisture in agricultural irrigation. It provides a cheap and reliable method for growers to measure soil moisture. The measurement process is not affected by soil salinity, and no on-site calibration is required, which is very convenient.

Scope of application of soil tensimeter:

Soil water potential-tensiometer products are widely used in agricultural planting, fruit tree base vineyards, smart planting and other places where soil condition needs to be tested.

Introduction of Features:

1, using high quality clay head, fast sealing, high sensitivity.
2, not affected by salt ions in the soil, fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation and other agricultural activities will not affect the measurement results, the data is accurate.
3, support 10-24V wide voltage power supply, support standard ModBUS-RTU485 communication mode, the longest communication distance of 2000 meters, at the same time support 4~20mA current signal output.

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