RS485 NO2 Gas module-NO2 0-20ppm sensor


Product Introduction:

RS485 NO2 Gas module, The sensor is equipped with high-precision amplification, noise removal processing, and temperature compensation processing.The JXM series is an intelligent gas detection module with a built-in high-precision electrochemical sensor, which outputs the gas concentration signal as a digital signal required by the customer through a patented circuit.

* Models: JXM-NO2

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


Detection gas:Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2)
Measuring range:0-20ppm(default)0-2000ppm(Optional)
Response time:Generally less than 15 seconds
Detection principle:Electrochemistry
Power supply:5V±2%
Power consumption:≤0.2W
Working humidity environment:0-95%RH(No condensation)


  • Patent variable gain amplifier circuit, high sensitivity, high resolution
  • lThe factory has been calibrated, no need for secondary calibration, use directly
  • lSmall size, easy to install, intrinsically safe design
  • Support multiple interfaces including digital and analog


(1) It is forbidden to plug and unplug the sensor on the module. Wrong use will cause irreversible damage.

(2) It is forbidden to weld the pins of the module directly, and the sockets of the pins can be welded.

(3) The module should avoid contact with organic solvents (including silica gel and other adhesives), coatings, chemicals, and oils.

(4) Do not pass over-range high-concentration gas, it will cause irreversible damage.

(5) The module must not withstand excessive impact or vibration.

(6) The module needs to be warmed up for more than 3 minutes when it is powered on for the first time.

1. What is nitrogen dioxide?
NO2 is nitrogen dioxide, a brown-red, highly reactive gaseous substance. Nitrogen oxide is a general term for nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and other nitrogen oxides, and nitrogen dioxide plays an important role in the formation of ozone. Man-made nitrogen dioxide is mainly released from high-temperature combustion processes, such as vehicles and power plants. Household stoves and gas stoves also produce large amounts of nitrogen dioxide.

2. Where is the nitrogen dioxide sensor used?
Nitrogen dioxide is easy to accumulate in large quantities in mined-out area, working face and wind return tunnel. For safety reasons, coal miners install nitrogen dioxide sensors in these places to monitor nitrogen dioxide gas in real time. In addition to the coal industry, nitrogen dioxide sensors are also widely used in chemical, meteorological and other industries to monitor nitrogen dioxide gas content.



RS485 NO2 Gas Module Introduction Manual


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