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Product Introduction:

JXCT is a professional manufacturer of environmental monitoring sensors with many years of production and sales experience. Our Pulse stainless steel rain gauge  is available in a variety of types at wholesale prices and of good quality. It can be widely used in agricultural irrigation, precipitation measurement, water level monitoring in water treatment plants, weather stations, iot rainfall, etc.


* Models:JXBS-3001-YL-MC

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


(1) High precision: the use of electronic circuit and microcomputer technology, output pulse fertilizer resolution is 0.2mm, each output pulse represents rainfall 0.2mm.
(2) The maximum range of allowable rainfall intensity measurement: the sensor rainfall intensity measurement range is 0.1mm-3mm/min, up to 5mm/ min.
(3) Minimum measurement error: the national standard for the error of the rain gauge is ±4%, but our sensor is developed and produced in accordance with the International Meteorological Organization standard, the error is less than ±3%.


Determination parameter: rainfall
Mode of communication: pulse
Power supply: 12-24V power supply
Measurement range: 0.01mm~3mm/min
Power consumption: < 1 w
Operating temperature: -10-50℃
Operating humidity: 0-95% (relative humidity), no condensation


(1) Please check whether the package is intact, and check whether the model and specification of the transmitter are consistent with the products you choose; If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales service as soon as possible.
(2) Before using the sensor, please read the product manual in detail or consult our after-sales staff.
(3) Confirm whether the output voltage of the power supply is correct, and whether the positive and negative wiring modes of the power supply and the product are consistent with the instructions. Incorrect wiring will lead to equipment burning.
(4) The equipment must be fixed with expansion screws delivered by our company or with corresponding dimensions.


1.How does the tipper stainless steel rain gauge work?
Pulse stainless steel rain gauge works by counting the number of times the tipper falls. The tipping bucket is made of stainless steel and is divided into two semi-conical chambers of equal volume by a middle partition. It is a mechanical bistable structure. While one chamber receives water, the other is waiting. When it rains, the rainwater collected by the water inlet enters the metering bucket through the funnel. When the amount of rainwater received reaches the predetermined value of 0.2mm, the chamber will overturn and wait due to gravity, and the other chamber will be in the state of receiving water. When the amount of water received reaches a predetermined value, the bucket will flip over again and wait. The flip side wall is fitted with magnetic steel, which scans the side of the reed tube to open and close it when the flip is flipped. That is, each time the bucket is overturned, the reed tube will open and send out a pulse or 485 signal. That’s how stainless steel tipper rain gauges work.

2.About Pulse stainless steel rain gauge maintenance?
Pulse stainless steel rain gauge in the outdoor for a long time, the use of the environment is very bad. Therefore, you should often wipe the inner wall of the drain hole with a soft cloth to keep the rain hole clean. If there are foreign bodies such as leaves in the drainage hole, it should be cleaned in time to keep the waterway unblocked. If the rain gauge is not in use for a long time, cover the ring mouth of the gauge with a protective rain mouth.
The rain gauge is generally cleaned once a month and once every three months for long-term operation.
Tip bucket is the key component of rain gauge, which directly affects the measuring accuracy of the instrument. Over time, a small amount of dust or oil will be deposited on the inner wall of the tipping bucket. Therefore, the tipping bucket should be cleaned. When cleaning, the inner wall of the bucket can be washed repeatedly with water or gently brushed.


Pulse stainless steel rain gauge Introduction Manual


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