Ultraviolet O3 gas sensor – UV ozone gas sensor


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Ultraviolet O3 gas sensor is an ozone sensor which uses ultraviolet absorption technology to detect the concentration of ozone gas. Ultraviolet O3 gas sensor uses ultraviolet light source, ultraviolet analysis detector and high quality chip, accurate measurement data. UV ozone gas sensor has the characteristics of long life, high precision and no oxygen dependence. Widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, factories and other occasions.


(1)Performance stability continuous monitoring
JX-O3-103 series is a kind of sensor which uses ultraviolet absorption technology to measure ozone (O3) content in air.
(2)UV light source / UV detector
UV O3 sensor module uses UV light source and UV detector to process the measurement and reference signals.
(3)No oxygen dependence
UV O3 sensor module uses high quality chip, accurate measurement, no oxygen dependence, low power consumption.Fearless of harsh environment.Even in harsh temperature and environmental conditions, stable and reliable measurement results can be obtained.
(4)Supporting secondary development
The product supports secondary development and can be customized without secondary calibration.
(5)Stainless steel polishing process
The product is made of stainless steel polishing process, stable performance, can be used in a variety of environments, waterproof and corrosion resistant.

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