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Best IoT Smart Weather Station

The IoT weather station offers precise measurements for temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, and direction, ensuring you get reliable data for your specific location. This compact, cutting-edge device brings the power of meteorological monitoring right into your hands.

Available in two variants, the JXCT IoT weather station is the standard version, it is less durable and focuses on essential weather parameters like temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction. The station , on the other hand is made of aluminium instead of plastic and features an integrated rainfall gauge. It’s suitable for agriculture, environmental monitoring, and research where precise data on solar radiation, UV index, and precipitation are critical.

In the agricultural field the weather plays a crucial role in the quality of food produce. By using the JXCT IoT Weather Station, you can monitor temperature, humidity, and precipitation levels in real-time. This data helps you determine the ideal time for harvesting. For instance, specific temperature and humidity conditions might be optimal for the ripening process.

Outside of agricultural applications, the JXCT IoT Weather Stations can use in:

Smart Cities
Transportation and Aviation
Environmental Monitoring
Recreation and Sports
Marine and Offshare Industries
Home Use
Renewable Energy


1. Weather station adopts solar power supply system, which can be directly powered by solar energy and has low power consumption;

2, Weather station is highly integrated with a variety of sensors, can be connected to measure a variety of parameters, temperature and humidity, illumination, atmospheric pressure carbon dioxide, rain and snow, rainfall, evaporation, soil temperature and humidity sensors;

3, Weather station control box rain proof, waterproof cover waterproof water tank, protect the host, stable and reliable, run in all kinds of harsh field environment;

4, Weather station adopts military grade chipset, high measurement accuracy, good dynamic characteristics;

5, GPS positioning function, Weather station can achieve GPS positioning function, can accurately locate the dangerous area;

6, high power, long distance, 20W power, 300 meters effective distance, can loop playback.

If you want to see the weather sensor, click Weather Station-Detectors&Sensors for Gas/Water/Soil/Weather – JXCT (

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