How to use soil moisture Sensor Garden

The key for most plants is learning how to effectively use soil moisture sensors garden to monitor humidity. So,we only water plants when they need it. Instead of watering on a fixed schedule. Adequate water is essential for the smooth growth of plants.

Soil moisture sensor monitoring in garden

When it comes to testing moisture in plants, the feel of the soil is the best guide.

Soil moisture sensor garden can control soil moisture over a wide range.
The potentiometer controls the corresponding threshold. When the humidity is lower than the set value, DO output high level; when it is higher than the set value, DO output low level. Use this module to make a self-watering system and never have to worry about your plants forgetting to water again.

The voltage comparator built into the sensor has a self-protecting blackout. Many electrical appliances around us have used this function.
For example, in the charging protection of lithium batteries, there is a temperature sensor inside the module. The temperature sensor converts the temperature change into a voltage change, and automatically cuts off the circuit when the voltage exceeds a given voltage.

Soil Moisture Tools

Soil moisture monitoring can also be achieved using tools. A variety of simple, inexpensive soil moisture meters are available in garden centers and nurseries, and many are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. The meters, which tell you if the soil is moist, or dry at the root level, are especially effective for large plants.

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