What should we pay attention to when installing wind speed sensor

Where to mount wind sensor on weather station?

The wind sensor is an important part of weather station equipment, it can provide users with real-time wind speed and direction data. Whether the wind speed and direction sensor can be installed reasonably is an essential skill for weather station enthusiasts. The weather station wind speed and wind direction sensor adopt flange installation. The threaded flange connection makes the lower pipe fitting of the wind sensor firmly fixed on the flange. The diameter of the chassis is 65mm, and the diameter of 6mm is evenly distributed on the circumference of 47.1mm.

The installation hole is directly fixed on the cross arm of the weather station with a length of 0.5m using bolts. The speed and direction wind sensor should be installed vertically on the cross arm 3 meters above the ground, and the distance between the two sensors should be 0.5 m. It is installed at both ends of the cross arm. The mounting height of the wind sensor depends on the height of the meteorological standing pole.

wind speed sensor
wind speed sensor
Notes for the installation process:

1. Ensure that the vertical pole of the weather station is perpendicular to the horizontal line to avoid tilting.

2. The upper shell of the wind direction sensor has a north mark point N, which should be aligned to the north during installation.

3. The wind direction sensor has been adjusted to zero. Do not loosen the brake screw between the wind direction cap and the main shaft at will.

4. The wind speed sensor cannot be disassembled by itself, let alone touch the sensor core.

5. Keep away from high-power interference equipment as much as possible to avoid inaccurate measurement, such as inverters, motors, etc., when installing or removing the transmitter, you must disconnect the power supply. Water in the transmitter can cause irreversible changes.

wind  sensor
wind sensor
Where to mount wind sensor on building?

How to choose the installation location when there are a large number of buildings in the environment of the installation wind sensor? The wind speed sensor and wind direction sensor are usually installed on the roof. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measured value of the wind sensor, it is necessary to ensure that the sensor is installed at a height of 3m above the top of the building. You can fix the two sensors on two stainless steel brackets with bolts, and then fix the brackets on both sides of a sufficiently high mast. This ensures that the installation height of the wind sensor is higher than the top of the building.

If you don’t have a suitable mast, you can choose a 3m bracket and fix the bracket vertically on the roof. Install two wind sensors on the top. In this way, install the wind sensors on the roof.

JXCT Wind speed sensor

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