Introduction and function of weather station equipment


There are various types of weather stations, and there are different requirements for different fields of weather monitoring. Select the weather station equipment according to the monitoring needs, in order to achieve accurate monitoring. The most widely used equipment in our daily life is automatic weather station equipment, agricultural weather station, forest weather station and other equipment. Check it out with JXCT today.

weather stations
weather stations
The role of weather stations:

Automatic weather station equipment can have a variety of elements, four elements, five elements, six elements and so on. The meteorological elements usually monitored by this type of weather station equipment include solar radiation, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation and other elements. Comes standard with our weather monitoring.

Agricultural meteorological station equipment is mainly used for the monitoring of agricultural meteorological environment, providing data support for drought warning, soil moisture detection, etc. It can provide reference scientific data for agricultural planting. Take disaster prevention measures in advance to improve the accuracy of monitoring and reduce the cost of manual measurement.

Forest fire weather station:

Forest weather station equipment plays an important role in preventing and controlling forest fires and reducing forest and ecological losses. Forest fires are a type of disaster that is currently highly destructive and difficult to remedy. His destruction of ecosystems and large areas of forest vegetation is devastating. Once it happens, the consequences can be predicted. Therefore, preventive work in advance is particularly important. The forest weather station equipment can monitor the climate change of the forest in real time. It plays a certain early warning role for the occurrence of disasters, so as to take preventive measures in time.

The parameters of Jingxun’s forest fire weather station can be flexibly combined. Various environmental parameters can be collected. Can be used for field experiments. It is used for all-weather on-site monitoring of more than ten meteorological elements such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, light intensity, soil temperature, soil moisture, evaporation, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, and dew point. The observation efficiency is improved and the labor intensity of the observer is reduced.

Forest fire weather station
Forest fire weather station 
The role of forest fire prevention weather station:

The forest fire weather station has stable performance and high detection accuracy. Unmanned, strong anti-interference ability. The software features rich functions, easy portability and strong adaptability. The meteorological data recorder has the functions of meteorological data collection, regular storage of meteorological data, parameter setting, friendly software interface and standard communication functions. The data can be connected to the computer through a professional data acquisition communication line. It is transmitted to the meteorological computer meteorological database for statistical analysis and processing.

Portable weather station
Portable weather station
Portable weather station:

Accurate’s portable weather station is used to measure atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, light, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity and other parameters. Factory direct sales, support customized matching according to needs.

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