Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Highway Weather Station


Over the years, the rapid development of highway construction in my country has improved people’s living standards and accelerated economic development. However, modern transportation is restricted by meteorological conditions, and high temperature exposure in summer can lead to tire blowouts. When traveling in heavy rain, the vehicle is prone to sideslip. Fog and snowfall in winter are the “deadliest killer” on the highway. Various sudden meteorological disasters, drivers are caught off guard. Thereby causing serious traffic accidents, endangering the safety of drivers and passengers. At the same time, it also affects the economic benefits of the expressway itself, and further produces adverse social impacts. Social development, highway safety is very important, we can use highway weather stations to monitor.

weather monitoring system:

Ensuring the traffic capacity of expressways under severe weather conditions is the goal of establishing expressway weather monitoring systems. And then the pursuit of fast, efficient and safe passage. The automatic weather monitoring system of expressway is composed of weather station, data transmission, data processing, road warning and other parts. Distributed along the expressway, forming the expressway automatic weather monitoring network.

The meteorological monitoring system can monitor the wind direction, wind speed, visibility, rainfall, temperature and humidity, road conditions (surface temperature, dry and wet conditions, icing) along the expressway. And upload the monitoring information to the monitoring center for reference by the traffic control system. When severe or extreme weather occurs, a warning message is issued. And in a variety of ways to inform managers and drivers in advance, so as to improve the level of safe driving on the highway.

multi-parameter weather station
multi-parameter weather station
Introduction of Jingxun Unblocked Multi-element Weather Station:

Jingxun’s multi-parameter weather station can continuously and automatically monitor temperature and humidity, PM2.5, PM10, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, noise, rainfall, soil, evaporation, SO2, NO, O3, CO. It can quickly and accurately collect and process monitoring data to realize online automatic monitoring of regional air quality. Has a variety of transmission modes. Support 485 output mode (default), 4G, Ethernet output mode. Using solar power generation system, 24 hours power supply.

Portable Weather Station
Portable Weather Station
The unobstructed portable weather station:

Portable weather stations are used to measure parameters such as atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, light, rainfall, soil temperature and humidity. Factory direct sales, support customized matching according to needs.

Online Weather Monitoring System:

The online weather monitoring system independently developed by Jingxun Changtong is a new type of online monitoring terminal that integrates the online detection of meteorological parameters. The equipment is characterized by small size and integrated integration, which is convenient for transportation, carrying and installation. The position can be dynamically adjusted at any time, and the appearance, working conditions, safety requirements and functional requirements of the equipment all meet the requirements of modern meteorological monitoring. It is used for aquaculture meteorological monitoring, airport environmental monitoring, agricultural meteorological monitoring, and online real-time monitoring of atmospheric air quality. The equipment adopts high-sensitivity digital probe with stable signal and high precision. It has a wide measurement range, good linearity and good waterproof performance. It is easy to use, easy to install, and has the characteristics of long transmission distance. It can monitor weather factors continuously and automatically all day long. Quickly and accurately collect monitoring data. And transmitted to the software data platform through the network. For more equipment consultation, welcome to Weihai Jingxun (JXCT)

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