Fixed nitrogen dioxide gas alarm – NO2 concentration detector


Product Description:

Fixed NO2 gas Detector adopts a professional test sensor probe as the core detection device. It has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision, good linearity, good versatility, convenient use, convenient installation, long transmission distance and moderate price.


(1) High-definition LCD color screen display, industrial-grade high-definition interface, intuitive display with 320*240 resolution;
(2) Multi-machine selection of alarm controller, rich in optional external control ports, easy to use, sound and light alarm;
(3) Waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, anti-condensation, the shell adopts die-cast aluminum technology, IP65 waterproof;
(4) 15 seconds quick response, the probe adopts the international high-quality sensor probe, the monitoring is more accurate, and the life span is guaranteed;
(5) A variety of signal output, support RS485/4G/Lora and other signal output;
(6) Remote control, can claim to switch interface to view data.

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