CO sensor module-CO detection module 0-2000ppm


Product Introduction:

The CO sensor module has a built-in high-precision electrochemical sensor, and outputs the gas concentration signal as a digital signal required by the customer through a patented circuit. The sensor is equipped with high-precision amplification, noise reduction processing, and temperature compensation processing. At the same time, each sensor is calibrated with standard gas before leaving the factory to ensure that the sensor module that the customer receives directly outputs available and accurate gas concentration information. It has the characteristics of small size, easy installation, intrinsically safe design, high sensitivity, and has been calibrated before leaving the factory.

* Models:JXM-CO-2000PPM-RS485

* Minimum order quantity: 1 piece

* Delivery time: within 24 hours


Determination parameter: carbon monoxide
Model: JXM-CO-2000PPM-RS485
Power supply: Power supply 5V
Measuring range: 0-2000ppm
Measurement principle: Electrochemistry
Communication port: RS485
Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600
Measuring accuracy: ≤ ±3% of the reading (25℃)
Response time: Generally less than 15 seconds
Power consumption: ≤0.2W


* Patented variable gain amplifier circuit, high sensitivity, high resolution
* Factory has been calibrated, no two calibration, direct use
* Small size, easy to install, safety design
* Supports a variety of interfaces including digital and analog


(1) Do not plug or remove the sensor on the module. Incorrect use will cause irreversible damage.
(2) It is forbidden to weld the pins of the module directly, and the tube seat of the pins can be welded.
(3) Module to avoid contact with organic solvents (including silicone and other adhesives), coatings, pharmaceutical, oil.
(4) Do not pass over the range of high concentration of gas, it will cause can not be damaged.
(5) The module shall not withstand excessive impact or vibration.
(6) The module needs to be preheated for more than 3 minutes for the first time.
(7) Do not use the module in systems involving personal safety.
(8) Do not install the module in the strong air convection environment


1. The harm of CO
Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas, so it is easy to ignore and cause poisoning. The cause of carbon monoxide poisoning is that when carbon monoxide enters the body, it binds to hemoglobin in the blood, which blocks hemoglobin from binding to oxygen, resulting in hypoxia. This is called oxygen poisoning. Commonly seen in the family room ventilation is poor, coal furnace gas or liquefied gas pipeline leakage or industrial production gas and coal monoxide inhalation caused by poisoning.

2. Sequelae of carbon monoxide.

Patients with moderate and severe intoxication have neurasthenia, paralysis tremor, hemiplegia, hemiblindness, aphasia, dysphagia, intellectual impairment, toxic psychosis or decerebral tetania. Secondary encephalopathy may occur in some patients.

3. Why use a carbon monoxide detector?
Carbon monoxide detector, its main function is used to detect the concentration of carbon monoxide in the operating environment. When the concentration of carbon monoxide in the working environment exceeds a safety concentration preset by the carbon monoxide detector, the carbon monoxide detector will send an alarm signal to remind the field operators to pay attention to protection and take necessary emergency measures. Here we need to pay attention to the carbon monoxide detector has fixed and portable, we in the process of procurement and selection of use, must be based on their own actual needs to carry out reasonable use.


CO Sensor Module  Introduction Manual


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