O2 Electrochemical gas sensor – Oxygen gas sensor



O2 electrochemical gas sensor is a kind of oxygen gas sensor using electrochemical detection principle to detect the concentration of oxygen gas in various environments. O2 electrochemical gas sensor are highly sought after for their low power requirements, low detection limits and low direct influence of interfered gases.

It has the characteristics of low power consumption, high precision, high sensitivity, fast response speed, wide linear range and strong anti-interference ability. Oxygen gas sensor is widely suitable for industrial, underground and environmental protection of oxygen detection.


1. The whole machine is small in size, light in weight, waterproof, explosion-proof and shock-proof;
2. High precision, high resolution and fast response;
3. The upper and lower limits of the alarm can be set arbitrarily, with zero and target calibration functions, built-in temperature compensation, and easy maintenance;
4. Imported electrochemical sensor, with good anti-interference performance and long service life;
5. Adopt advanced microprocessor technology, fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability;

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