MQ4 methane gas sensor- CH4 semiconductor sensor


Product Introduction

1. The machine is small in size, light in weight and easy to install. It can be used with portable, fixed and pipe sensors

2. Stainless steel protective net, high protection, easy to clean, effective protection from particles and impurities, easy to maintain and use

3. High-performance chips, breakthrough manufacturing process, product performance significantly improved

4. Long service life and low cost

5. High resolution, high sensitivity, fast response, strong anti-interference ability


methane sensor small size, high sensitivity, rapid response, high performance chip content, significantly improve performance. Methane sensor can be widely used in home, environmental freon gas detection equipment, industrial applications are also very common.  It has the advantages of high sensitivity to refrigerant gas, quick response and recovery, low power consumption, simple detection circuit, good stability, long life and so on.  





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